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Six Tips For Buying a Fixer-Upper

Several years ago, when the housing market was mired in the worst  recession since the Great Depression, buyers shied away from houses that needed  work. The buyers who weren’t put off from buying completely were interested only  in turnkey homes that were in move-in condition. It was too risky for most buyers to buy a […]

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Opportunity Ahead!

It’s interesting to witness a real estate recovery of sorts going on from the front row of things. As agents, we have the opportunity to not only see, but also get the feel of things from our clients, who really in an important way, represent a microcosm of the overall local market; on both ends […]

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Best to Invest?

A little housekeeping to start. The cost of money is at historic lows; home prices are (relatively) depressed; and vacancy rates for rental properties are in single digit percentages pretty much anywhere you look. Sound like a good time to become a real estate investor? Much of my investor client base is jumping on the opportunities that are out […]

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