OLG Family Persists and Is Rewarded With a New Home!

While the local real estate market has slowed down just a tad compared to the rapid fire sales pace of early Spring when homes were being sold with multiple offers and at price points that were (in many cases) well over the asking price; there is one segment of the market that is still red hot — competition between first time buyers for entry level priced homes.

The Montaril family can tell you all about it.

Jun and Melanie Montaril have two wonderful daughters who go to Our Lady of Grace; Tanya is in eighth grade, and little Sophie is one of the gang in Mrs. Baker’s first grade class. Between the four of them, the persistence they had for a new home— their first home; was inspiring, and it was a real pleasure for me to not only meet and get to know this lovely family; but to also help find, negotiate, and ultimately secure their very first family home. And just in time for Thanksgiving.

But for a while there, I think they’d tell you they were starting to wonder which direction things were going to go.

We began our search in August. The Montarils had a plan, they had a budget, and they knew what they wanted. And perhaps most important, they were prepared to be flexible with their “wish list” of items in order to accomplish the ultimate goal, which was to secure a home.

They visited dozens of homes all over the Valley, and we made eleven offers before finally getting an acceptance. The competition was stiff, and in many of the instances where we put in offers, the sellers didn’t even send out counter offers, because they opted to go with an all cash offer (or mostly cash offer) that was over the list price of the home. Through all the close calls and a couple of disappointments, the Montarils kept at it; and that persistence eventually paid off.

We got the home where they wanted it, and despite all the competition we were facing, and all the over bidding from buyers we encountered, I managed to get them the house for under the asking price; which was great news for me to share with them, and was something I enjoyed being able to do.

“It was a great experience working with Mark. His expertise and knowledge with real estate helped us to get the house that’s best for us, and we are happy with the result. Mark made sure that our best interest as a buyer was always taken into consideration through the whole process. He was very attentive to our concerns, he listened, and he guided us to make the best decision every step of the process. Thank you, Mr. Marino!” (Jun & Melanie Montaril)

Thank you again to Jun, Melanie, Tanya and Sophie. We had some moments along the way, but a wonderful adventure it was! Enjoy your new home, and I hope this first Christmas there, as well as all the many other family moments that follow, bring joy and a lifetime of memories to all!


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