New Home and a New Beginning — Thank You Chris, Danielle & Isabelle!

Back in June I wrote that one of the great things I get to experience in real estate, is working closely with couples, families,  or individuals that are making their first home purchase. It really is a pleasure for me, as well as something I understand the significance of. Every once in a while there’s an interesting twist added to the equation; the arrival of a new (and in this case, first, child!).

I met Chris and Danielle O’Ryan at an open house I was having for the Peterson home I was selling— our friends from OLG. Chris and Danielle were not first time home buyers; however, they had  never bought a home while also planning for the arrival of a new child. At the time we were shopping a few months back, the market was red-hot with buyer activity. Inventory was very, very low; and interest rates were the same. Many buyers were behaving— what’s a good word?— irrationally. Multiple offers which were well over the asking price became the norm, and that made

things very interesting at times (Chris and Danielle might choose a different word, I think.) Anyway, over a six-week period, we toured dozens of homes, and made twelve (12) written offers on properties. Some of those involved countering back and forth; others we simply chose to walk away from because the prices were getting unreasonable. The O’Ryans knew just what they wanted, and they also understood that compromise is not the same as concession. Their vision was clear, and it was also open— and thanks to that, we successfully landed their new home south of Ventura Blvd., in Tarzana.

The sellers dug in a little bit, and there was some give and take in the negotiations. We also had one eye on the calendar because Isabelle had a schedule of her own she was going to keep. In a challenging market where buyers paying “over asking” was as common as not, we closed escrow at a number that was actually below the asking price; and little Isabelle made her debut about a week after escrow closed!  Piece of cake, right guys?

“Working with Mark was a great experience! He was very knowledgeable of the market and was always available to chat and answer any questions we had. Mark really had our interests as his top priority and fought hard for us to make sure we didn’t overpay and were thoroughly protected and well-informed. Mark always took the time to make sure we were happy and that we felt comfortable throughout the process. We will definitely recommend Mark to friends and family and will surely use him for our next real estate adventure!” (Chris & Danielle O’Ryan)

Thank you to Chris, Danielle, and Isabelle. We had some moments along the way, but a wonderful adventure it was, for sure! Enjoy the new digs, Isabelle; Mom and Dad got you a great one!


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