OLG Friends Share A Kind Word

Our dear family friends, The Peterson family (David, Mary Jo, and son Joseph) who we know through Our Lady of Grace (Joey and our daughter Isabella were in 3rd grade together, and now are on their way to 4th), recently sold their Encino home, and bought a new place in Woodland Hills. I had the privilege of earning their trust as both the listing agent of the home they sold; as well as the agent representing them for the subsequent (and simultaneous) purchase of their new home. There were some moments during both transactions; but we worked through them all together, and shared a lot of great times in the process. Here’s what they were kind enough to share about their experience working IMG_0089together:

“Mark helped us buy a new home while simultaneously selling our former home in Encino. He was amazing from  start to finish. Mark’s professional and thoughtful approach throughout the buying and selling process brings the concept of stellar customer service to a whole new level. He was patient, informative, and answered all of our questions completely. His humor was well-timed, as he guided us through a wild and wacky real estate market. He understands our local market better than anyone we know, and we are confident we could not have gotten through the buying and selling process without his guidance and negotiation skills. We would strongly recommend Mark to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Honestly, you don’t want to navigate this market without him.”

I’m very grateful for the opportunity the Peterson family gave me; and I am very flattered by their kind words and those they have recommended to me. To say buying a house is a big deal is like saying Mrs. Baker likes to give her 1st grade class homework– both are fantastic understatements! (Love ya, Mrs. Baker!) All kidding aside; representing individuals and families in home sale or purchase, whether they are friends or new acquaintances,  is a responsibility I take very seriously. Those who know me socially also know I enjoy having a good time with friends; they (like the Petersons) also know I’m all business when it comes to earning their trust, and respecting their confidentiality with something so important.

Since moving into their new home just over a month ago or so, the Petersons have invited the Marinos over to their house multiple times; so I take that as a passing grade as well!

Thank you again, Mary Jo, David, and Master Joseph!


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Specializing in residential and commercial real estate sales for the better part of a decade, my approach to real estate involves establishing a trust with my clients, that contributes to the ultimate success of our transaction. Whether it is a personal residence, or an investment property, I am committed to negotiating the best deal for my clients, and have enjoyed a history of meeting the important and unique needs of the many clients which have entrusted me with thier real estate goals.

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