Best to Invest?

A little housekeeping to start. The cost of money is at historic lows; home prices are (relatively) depressed; and vacancy rates for rental properties are in single digit percentages pretty much anywhere you look. Sound like a good time to become a real estate investor?

Much of my investor client base is jumping on the opportunities that are out there right now. Foreclosure sales get most of the headlines, but in a lot of cases those properties offer for the average investor as much of a task as a return. Over the past few years, REO (Real Estate Owned) properties are being priced (and sold) at levels more in line with property values. That is to say, foreclosure deals are becoming more and more rare because the banks who own the properties are not under the level of pressure they used to be just a few years ago to clear their inventory of “toxic” assets.

All that being said; we’re going to look back at this time ten years from now and say, “Wow, why didn’t I grab up some property in 2012?!”

There’s a glimpse of a recovery on the way. A recovery that for now is only visible in terms of stabilizing prices, lower foreclosure rates, and historically low mortgage rates. In a phrase; “Cheap to borrow, and a bargain to buy, means it’s time to invest.”

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Specializing in residential and commercial real estate sales for the better part of a decade, my approach to real estate involves establishing a trust with my clients, that contributes to the ultimate success of our transaction. Whether it is a personal residence, or an investment property, I am committed to negotiating the best deal for my clients, and have enjoyed a history of meeting the important and unique needs of the many clients which have entrusted me with thier real estate goals.

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